Artist Statement

Artist Statement 2018-2019

He is an assiduous researcher as a scientist of novelties, through explorations on different artistic languages, going beyond the theater and the performative arts.
He arrived as a self-taught artist in the world of pictorial and sculptural arts and then attended courses in painting and drawing at the Pictor Academy in Turin, to continue his solo treasure hunt with a guide in parallel, a Virgil called Psychoanalysis. With this, he manages to put every piece of himself to work in order to work the language that inhabits it and with art to translate the tracks into informal constructions and (out of regular road), to invent his own unique sign and style on many off-piste routes of creativity as painting, drawing, writing and reading.

Jacques Lacan, a thinker who fascinated him in consonance with Jorge Borges and Francis Bacon, Fausto Pirandello, Geog Baselitz and Alberto Giacometti crowned by German Expressionism and informal art with a leap in Art Brut – all these influences contributed to a before and after, to an edification in him, which perseveres with tenacious heretical choices one after the other, more and more

A particular poetics: to show the unfinished, the failure, the feminine, and the knowing how to exercise oneself from the error to the new that emerges if one puts oneself into play in games that are always serious.
Before coming in this world, it is possible to consider the human being as a part completely merged within a condition of gnostic plenitude. Let’s say a prelapsarian condition where language is the same things of the being.

Once born, we lost a part of this completeness, and a fracture is created. This opening/fracture can be seen in the use of the language
and using a particular lent to see it. The structure: imaginary, real and symbolic is useful to see how language is an act that is trying to solve a problem, it’s trying to recover a missing element. The urge to life, and the expression of ourselves that we all constantly need could be a reflection of this aspect. Most of the life, psychoanalytically, can be seen as a research of this lost union.

Therefore, the origin and consequent fall, lead us to an eternal nostalgia for the unity in language and with language.
So, language here, is the instrument and the atmosphere of our discourse, that clearly affects the reality of any life. One of the arriving point of his work in general, and especially in this exhibition (see the book with topologic form) is to show the object that entails the fracture between language and what we consider reality. The object that the artist is talking about is not made but conceived, generated by a process that is not only manual, but it also works absence. It is not a discarded or waste object, is a removed. Creation of the removed as an object of the Freudian Es. It is an attempt to relate parts of the world with the world’s parts that are usually lost in the unconscious without body. The artist proposes to give static form to this object of the removed. To reify this moment of creation.

Curated by Alfredo Martorelli

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